Descriptive Statistics for Dental Screening, Risk Assessment, and Dental Referral Activity

QuestionnMean, %SDMean Likert ScoreSD
How frequently do you or your staffFrequently or occasionally1 = never to 4 = frequently
    Examine a child's teeth for signs of dental decay?18198.910.53.83.41
    Assess the potential for developing tooth decay?18086.
As part of your regular practice, do you refer infants and toddlers for dental care?Sometimes or frequently1 = no to 3 = frequently
How likely are you to refer a child younger than 3 years of age whoVery likely or likely1 = very unlikely to 5 = very likely
    Has risk factors for future dental disease?16750.350.13.461.20
    Has a few teeth that you believe might be in the beginning stages of decay?16985.
    Has extensive tooth decay?16998.
    Has a chipped tooth, probably the result of a fall?16765.847.63.741.27
    Has a draining fistula caused by a decayed tooth?16996.418.64.86.57
    Has other soft tissue pathology?16887.533.24.54.80
    Has a low probability of existing dental disease based on screening?16825.643.82.531.39
    Cannot be screened thoroughly?16440.349.23.241.16
How often do you consider the following factors when referring infants and toddlers to a dentist?Always, usually, or sometimes1 = never to 5 = always
    Availability of dentists16790.429.54.271.07
    Family resources16989.930.24.111.05
    Child's age16993.524.74.28.89
    Probability of existing dental disease from screening16996.418.64.32.81
When you make a dental referral for a child younger than 3 years, how frequently do you or your staffAlways, usually, or sometimes1 = never to 5 = always
    Call a dental office to make an appointment for the child?16853.650.02.671.16
    Give the caregiver the name(s) of a dentist?16995.919.94.12.83
    Simply tell the caregiver that their child needs to see the dentist?16776.642.43.191.06
How difficult is it for you to find a local dentist for a patient who isVery difficult or difficult1 = not at all to 5 = very
    Younger than 2 years of age?16764.148.13.721.48
    Has a significant developmental disability?16362.648.53.731.41
    Receives Medicaid dental benefits?16773.
    Receives SCHIP benefits?15364.048.13.751.27
    Is uninsured and needs a sliding scale?16477.441.94.241.02
    Has private dental insurance and has an emergency dental problem at night or on the weekend?16056.949.73.561.26
    Is uninsured and has an emergency dental problem at night or on the weekend?16182.
  • SCHIP indicates state children's health insurance program.

  • * Those who answered “no” did not respond to subsequent questions on referral.