Step-by-Step Checklist on Hand-Washing Technique and Compliance

StepTechniquePreintervention, % (N = 525)Postintervention, % (N = 355)P Value, χ2
Overall compliance with checklist<.0001
1Accessories removed
1.1No watch8999<.0001
1.2No bracelet90100<.0001
1.3No stone ring100100NS
1.4No ring9892<.0001
2Turn on water, wet hands, and apply antimicrobial soap9399<.0001
3Rubbing palm to palm100100NS
4Rubbing palm over dorsum9698NS
5Rubbing fingers interlaced7985.035
6Rubbing back of fingers7460<.0001
7Rotational rubbing of thumbs4350.039
8Rubbing wrist4259<.0001
9Rubbing forearm1635<.0001
10Rinse under running water99100NS
11Keep hands lower than elbows while rinsing9333<.0001
12Wipe hands dry with paper towel100100NS
13Wipe hands in fingertip to wrist direction827<.0001
14Turn off water without contamination5100<.0001
15Discard used paper in a garbage bin100100NS