KIDI Items That the Majority of Immigrant Mothers Had Difficulty Answering

KIDI ItemMothers Who Answered Correctly, %
All Immigrant MothersJapanese ImmigrantsSouth American Immigrants
Development: physical and physiological
    A 4-mo-old lying on his (her) stomach can lift his (her) head152010
    Altogether, the average newborn cries ∼1–2 h out of every 24 h363736
    Babbling (“a-bah-bah” or “bup-bup”) begins at ∼5 mo495048
Development: cognitive and perceptual
    One’s IQ (intelligence) score stays the same from infancy through childhood484255
    An infant will begin to respond to his (her) name at 10 mo485540
    An 8-mo-old is most likely to be scared by an unfamiliar person wearing a mask504556
    Infants have depth perception by 6 mo of age (can tell that they are on a high place)192513
    2-mo-olds can tell some speech sounds apart222024
Development: emotional
    A baby of 6 mo will respond to someone differently depending on whether the person is happy, sad, or upset444245
Development: temperament and personality
    Some normal babies do not enjoy being cuddled342544
    A baby’s personality (individuality) is set by 6 mo of age414536
Parent-infant relationships
    Some mothers do not get really involved with their infants until the baby starts to smile and look at them223210
    The way the parent responds to the baby in the first few months of life determines whether the child will grow up to be happy and well-adjusted or moody and a misfit.262034