Table 3.

Total Costs, Benefit, and Harm Associated with Each Strategy Using a Hypothetical Cohort of 100 000 Symptomatic Children

TreatCultureOIAOIA Plus Culture
Total costs per patient$31.73$38.83$37.92$40.93
Benefits: patients with disease prevented
 % of potential cases prevented90%68%80%88%
 Number of patients with acute rheumatic fever prevented7.
 Number of suppurative complics prevented261197232255
Harm: patients with penicillin allergy
 Mild525 (373)*117 (4)154 (19)170 (19)
 Severe25 (18)5.6 (.2)7.3 (.9)8.1 (.9)
  • * Number in parentheses denotes number of allergic reactions in patients without pharyngitis due to GABHS and therefore treated inappropriately.