Reasons for Hospitalization (n = 71 Episodes of Presumed Febrile UTI Referred to Hospital Ward)

Reason for Hospitalization*Frequency (%)
Significant uropathy32 (45.1)
Other significant medical condition15 (21.1)
Toxic appearance or dehydration11 (15.4)
Serum creatinine of >54 mmol/L5 (7.0)
Parental inability to comply with DTC or parental refusal9 (12.6)
No obvious reason for hospitalization7 (9.9)
  • * Some patients had >1 reason for hospitalization; therefore, percentages add up to >100%.

  • Significant uropathy includes the following diagnoses: 17 cases of at least grade III VUR (including 1 child with repaired posterior urethral valves), 8 cases of hydronephrosis, 1 case of single kidney, 1 case of single kidney with VUR, 3 recent urologic operations (1 ureterocystostomy and 2 pyeloplasties), 1 case of renal atrophy, and 1 case of isolated renal dysplasia.