Adherence to Treatment Protocol in ED (Total N = 291)

VariableFrequency (%)
Adherence to criteria for referral to DTC
    Patients referred to appropriate setting (DTC or hospital ward)268 (92.1)
    Patients sent to DTC who should have been hospitalized8 (2.7)
    Hospitalized patients who should have been treated in DTC7 (2.4)
    Patients discharged from ED with oral antibiotics8 (2.7)
Adherence to ED evaluation
    Blood culture267 (91.8)
    Blood urea nitrogen and creatinine274 (94.2)
    Serum electrolytes274 (94.2)
    Complete blood count283 (97.3)
Adherence to administration of medication, for patients referred to DTC*
    Choice of antibiotics adequate (ampicillin, gentamicin, and amoxicillin)177 (83.5)
        Ampicillin administered193 (91.0)
        Gentamicin administered205 (96.6)
        Amoxicillin prescription given to parents182 (85.8)
    Dose of antibiotics adequate197 (92.9)
  • * Data available for 212 episodes treated at the DTC; percentages apply to this denominator.