Comparison of Adolescents’ Attitudes and Knowledge Regarding Regular and Light Cigarettes

Statement on Regular Versus Light CigarettesMean (SD)*Percent of Participants Indicating
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon’t Know
    Regular cigarettes deliver more tar2.04 (0.77)18.845.513.94.117.7
    Light cigarettes deliver less nicotine2.54 (0.87)6.933.123.811.924.2
Health risks
    Regular cigarettes are more likely to cause a heart attack2.60 (0.83)6.928.433.310.720.7
    Regular cigarettes are more likely to cause lung cancer2.57 (0.87)8.428.729.911.521.5
    Regular cigarettes are more likely to cause a bad cough2.66 (0.86)5.729.728.914.121.7
    Light cigarettes are more likely to cause trouble catching your breath2.90 (0.78)4.613.443.514.923.7
    Regular cigarettes are less likely to cause wrinkles on the face3.12 (0.83)
Perceived social benefits
    Smoking light cigarettes looks cooler3.42 (0.74)2.75.432.247.712.0
    Smoking light cigarettes makes you thinner3.04 (0.83)4.28.833.520.033.5
    Smoking regular cigarettes is more likely to make you smell like an ashtray2.86 (0.89)6.820.536.422.314.0
    Smoking a regular cigarette makes you feel more relaxed2.84 (0.88)5.714.130.914.934.4
    Smoking light cigarettes looks more grown-up3.21 (0.81)4.28.337.934.814.8
    It is easier to quit smoking light cigarettes2.71 (0.86)6.425.333.215.120.0
    Regular cigarettes are more addictive2.69 (0.90)6.928.728.017.219.2
  • * Response scale for this question: strongly agree (1), agree (2), disagree (3), strongly disagree (4). Participants could also indicate if they did not know.