Comparison of Adolescents’ Estimates of Personal Risk and Benefit With Regular Versus Light Cigarettes: Individual-Level Analyses

Percent of Participants Indicating
More Likely for Regular CigarettesNo DifferenceMore Likely for Light Cigarettes
Short-term cigarette use
        Smell like an ashtray23.955.720.5
        Get a bad cough from smoking33.241.725.1
        Have trouble catching your breath27.744.627.7
        Have many really bad colds26.041.632.4
        Have bad breath31.948.719.4
        Become addicted to cigarettes34.437.428.2
        Still be smoking in 5 y31.834.134.1
        Be able to quit smoking23.738.537.8
        How long will it take to become addicted8.466.225.5
        How easy will it be for you to quit smoking31.160.68.3
Long-term cigarette use
    Get lung cancer29.846.623.7
    Die from lung cancer29.243.127.7
    Get a bad cough from smoking33.045.621.5
    Have trouble catching your breath29.946.423.8
    Have a heart attack36.640.123.3
    Get wrinkles on your face31.248.520.4
    Die from a smoking-related disease40.638.321.1