Results of Fitting the Reduced Alternating Logistic Regression Model

VariableComparisonORUpper 95% CILower 95% CI
Gender of childFemale vs male0.920.711.19
Race/ethnicityBlack vs white or other1.340.931.93
Hispanic vs white or other2.00*1.243.24
Maternal age(For an increase in age of 1 year)0.97*0.940.99
Maternal educationDid not complete vs completed high school1.260.931.71
Treatment group assignmentRandomized to follow-up only vs. intervention1.260.971.64
Maternal psychological distress at 40 weeks (measured on 12-item GHQ)Case vs not case1.591.212.09
Maternal cigarette smoking in pregnancyAny vs none1.571.202.04
  • Adjusted ORs of being in the clinical and normal groups at ages 3, 5, and 8 on the CBCL/2–3 and the CBCL/4–18 are shown for the sociodemographic variables, effects of treatment assignment, and significant predictors. Significant effects are marked.

  • * P < .05.

  • P < .001.