Effects of Atopic Dermatitis on Children and Parents*

Physical healthItching/scratchingExhaustion/tiredness
Sleep disruption/poor sleep qualitySleep deprivation
Bleeding skin
Pain during baths
Painful/irritated skin
Diet restriction
Emotional healthBehavior and discipline problemsAffected confidence in medical care
Cries moreAffected decision to have other children
Dislikes application of topical medicationsDisappointment
Embarrassment about child’s appearance
Hates taking oral medicationsHelplessness
HyperactivitySadness and depression
Irritability and fussinessGuilt and self-blame
RestlessnessStrain on relationship with spouse
Scratches to get attentionWorry about child making friends
Wants to be held moreWorry about child’s self-esteem
Worry about costs of care
Worry about environmental/food allergens
Worry about future for child
Worry about side effects of treatment
Physical functioningClothing restrictionAffects decision to work
Hold child’s hands because of scratchingAffects work performance
Avoid family photos
Restricted or altered bath routineChild sleeping in parent’s bed
Family stays home more
Restricted outdoor playMore housework
Restricted swimmingReluctant to leave child with others
Symptoms interrupt playTime-consuming treatments
Trouble getting babysitters and child care
Vacation restriction
Social functioningAdults avoid interaction with childAdverse stranger reaction
Other children avoid interaction with childAffects relationship with relatives and friends
  • * Each of these were mentioned by at least 20% of the families and experts.