Table 1.

Problems and Variation in the Selection and Specification of Patients in Inpatient Trials

First Author of Trial
Selection of Patients
 Baseline chest radiograph done000
 Patients already on bronchodilators excluded000
 Patients with asthma excluded0++
 Only patients with RSV enrolled0+0
 Explicit criteria for diagnosis of bronchiolitis+++
Specification of Patients
 Assessed prestudy duration of illness000
 Full evaluation of important baseline patient attributes00+
 Age in months: mean (range)5.93Unavailable
 Specified proportion of patients <6 months old0+*+
 Viral etiology testingNoneRSVRSV, influenza, parainfluenza,
 Criteria for admitting patients explicitly stated00+
  • * Only patients <6 months old were enrolled.