Table 3.

Results of the Standard Weighted Regression Analysis Using Pediatrician to Child Population Ratio (PCPR) as Dependent Variable With Nine Independent Variables

Independent VariableβP
GPs and FPs per 100 000 children−0.06.4828
% Pediatricians who were female−0.07.4676
% of Pediatricians who were IMGs−0.08.4162
Pediatric residency positions per 100 000 children0.45<.0001
Pediatric beds per 100 000 children0.01.8837
% Population uninsured0.05.4819
% Population enrolled in HMOs or PPOs−0.09.3577
Per capita income0.62<.0001
% Child population living in metropolitan areas0.13.3307
  • Abbreviations: FP, family practitioner; GP, general practitioner; HMO, health maintenance organization; IMG, international medical graduate; PPO, preferred provider organization.

    R = 0.93, Adjusted R2 = 0.86, F = 27.7, P < .00001.