Demographic Characteristics and Potential Sources of Hepatitis A, Case-Control Study, San Diego, California, June 1998 to August 2000

FactorCases (n = 132)Controls (n = 354)Univariate OR95% CI
Age group, y
Male gender7154169451.40.9–2.1
Born in United States
Family income >$15 000906972218.75.5–13.6
Parental education >12 y7860451310.16.3–16.1
Child traveled internationally896788256.34.0–9.7
Household visitor from outside United States12958160.50.3–1.0
Child attended child care12941120.80.4–1.5
Household member employed in child care setting2244120.10.1–0.5
Activities during international trip(n = 89)(n = 88)
Duration of travel ≥4 d394426301.91.0–3.5
Eating at street vendor/taco stand768535408.94.3–18.3
Traveled for shopping525836412.01.1–3.7
Traveled to visit family/friends485465740.40.2–0.8
Foods consumed on trip
 Ceviche/raw shellfish131549560.10.1–0.3
 Fruit juice252869780.10.1–0.2