Predictors of High Aggression Trajectory: Multivariate Logit Model

VariableAt-Birth Variables OnlyAt-Birth and 5 Months Old Variable
OR90% CIOR90% CI
At birth, %
 Young siblings4.1*(2.3–7.5)4.0*(2.2–7.4)
 Low income2.7*(1.4–5.4)2.6*(1.3–5.2)
 Parents separated3.5(0.9–14.3)3.1(0.7–12.9)
 Early motherhood3.0*(1.4–6.6)3.1*(1.4–6.8)
 Young mother now0.8(0.3–1.8)0.7(0.3–1.8)
 Mother no high school diploma0.7(0.3–1.8)1.0(0.4–2.5)
 Mother antisocial (before end of high school)3.6*(1.4–9.5)3.1*(1.1–8.6)
 Mother smoked (during pregnancy)2.7*(1.5–4.9)2.2*(1.1–4.1)
 Mother drank alcohol (during pregnancy)1.0(0.2–5.9)0.9(0.1–5.3)
 Maternal postpartum depression2.0*(1.0–3.7)1.7(0.9–3.3)
 Father antisocial (before end of high school)0.8(0.3–1.8)0.7(0.3–1.7)
At 5 mo of age
 High family dysfunction2.2*(1.2–4.1)
 Mother coercive parenting2.3*(1.1–4.7)
 Mother feels ineffective0.6(0.3–1.4)
 Difficult temperament1.5(0.7–3.1)
  • CI indicates confidence interval.

  • * significant for α = .05 (1-tailed test).