Characteristics of 8494 Children at Birth

Maternal BMI
 <18.5 kg/m24305.1
 18.5–24.9 kg/m2347640.9
 25–29.9 kg/m2201623.7
 30–39.9 kg/m2203724.0
 ≥40 kg/m25356.3
Birth weight
 <2500 g6517.7
 2500–3999 g701582.7
 ≥4000 g8219.7
Birth weight for gestational age
 Small (<10th percentile)106712.6
 Appropriate (10–89th percentile)670478.3
 Large (≥90th percentile)6888.1
Child gender
Maternal race/ethnicity
 First-born child411648.6
 Not a first-born child435651.4
Smoking in pregnancy
Birth year
Maternal education
 <High school2242.6
 Some high school251929.7
 High school432751.1
 Some college123114.5
 College or beyond1712.0
Marital status
 Not married467755.1
Maternal age
 <18 y7268.5
 18–24 y469355.3
 25–29 y169520.0
 ≥30 y138016.2
  • * Children have missing values where total does not equal 8494.

  • Measured in the first trimester of child’s gestation.

  • Mutually exclusive categories where the “Hispanic” category includes those of any race listing “Hispanic” ethnicity.