Reported Adherence to Guideline Components

Guideline ComponentOverall AdherenceFamily Physicians (%; n = 318)Pediatricians (%; n = 405)P Value
Diagnosis (% who routinely)
 Use parent rating scales70.461.677.0<.001
 Use teacher rating scales78.670.884.4<.001
 Assess for coexisting conditions69.568.370.4.588
 Use DSM criteria44.430.055.4<.001
Treatment (% who routinely)
 Recommend medications66.659.272.2.001
 Titrate medications when used, with follow-up <1 mo81.381.780.9.796
 Evaluation of medications 3–4 times/y53.167.541.6<.001
 Reconsider diagnosis if no response to 2 or more medications51.946.356.4.011
 Recommend behavior therapy53.453.253.6.925
  • DSM indicates Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.