Adjusted Means of Infant Growth Parameters According to WIC Participation

OutcomesNo WIC (Access Problems) (N = 340)No WIC (No Perceived Need) (N = 188)WIC (N = 5,395)P Value*
Weight-for-age z score−0.23−
 95% CI−0.41, −0.10−0.18, 0.22−0.03, 0.04
P value.002.74
Length-for-age z score−
 95% CI−0.43, −0.090.001, 0.45−0.05, 0.03
P value.006.04
  • Multivariate regressions are adjusted for study site, race/ethnicity of infant, infant birth weight, months breastfed, infant’s age, caregiver’s employment status, caregiver’s education, household’s receipt of housing subsidy, caregiver’s receipt of public insurance, whether infant’s family received TANF benefits, and whether infant’s household received food stamps. CI, confidence interval.

  • * Three-group comparison.

  • Two-group comparison (each No WIC group versus WIC group).