Adjusted Odds of Being UTD (N = 735)*

OR95% CI
Child’s race/ethnicity
 White (non-Hispanic)Reference
 Black (non-Hispanic)0.60.3–1.2
Insurance status
 Private onlyReference
 Public only0.60.3–1.2
Household income
 Below poverty0.50.2–1.3
 Above poverty, <$75 0000.80.4–1.6
 Above poverty, ≥$75 000Reference
Maternal age
 <20 yReference
 20–24 y1.10.4–3.3
 25–29 y1.10.4–3.2
 30–34 y1.10.4–3.4
 35–39 y1.70.5–5.6
 40–44 y1.10.3–4.1
 45–49 y0.50.1–3.4
Maternal marital status
 Never married1.70.8–3.3
Maternal educational level
 <High school0.40.2–0.9
 High school graduate0.70.4–1.3
 >High schoolReference
Usual setting for well-child care
 Private/group practiceReference
 Urgent care/walk-in clinic/ED1.10.4–3.2
 Community/public health clinic1.20.6–2.4
 Hospital clinic0.30.1–0.8
 No one place/don’t know2.40.2–37.1
WIC participation
  • * Children were considered UTD with vaccination when they had received at least 4 DTaP/DTP vaccines, 3 poliovirus vaccines, 1 MMR vaccine, 3 H influenza vaccines, and 3 hepatitis B vaccines at the time the interview was conducted.

  • OR in comparison with reference group is weighted; significant ORs (P < .05) shown in bold.