Multivariate Model of the Effect of Parental R-Rated Movie Restriction on Smoking Initiation During the Follow-up Period (N = 2596)

Adjusted* RR of Trying Smoking (95% CI), Allowed to Watch R-Rated Movies
NeverOnce in a WhileSometimes/All the Time
Main effects modelReference1.8 (1.1, 3.1)2.8 (1.6, 4.7)
 Interaction model
  Family smoking
   NoReference4.3 (1.4, 13)10 (3.6, 31)
   Yes13 (4.1, 44)12 (4.1, 37)13 (4.4, 38)
  • * Estimates are adjusted for all covariates listed in Table 1.

  • The rate of smoking initiation in the reference group for the main effects model is 2.9%.

  • This model demonstrates the interaction between the effect of family smoking and the effect of being allowed to watch R-rated movies on smoking initiation. The rate of smoking in the reference group (never allowed to watch R-rated movies and no family smoking) is 0.75%.