Characteristics of US Children Age 4 to 35 Months

No. of Children in Sample% of Children in US Population
Child characteristics
  4–9 mo43219
  10–18 mo67428
  19–35 mo96253
  Hispanic, English interview4229
  Hispanic, Spanish interview3959
 Developmental risk
  No risk56830
  Low risk28016
  Moderate risk38119
  High risk82836
Mother characteristics
 Educational attainment
  Less than high school44321
  High school diploma65534
  More than high school97046
 Employment status
  Not employed90846
Family characteristics
 Household income
  <$17 50053025
  $17 500–$45 00075640
  >$45 00056135
 Care arrangement for child
  Any form of child care125967
  Exclusively parent care65733
 No. of adults in household
 No. of children in household
 Hours of daily televisionMedian 1
 No. of children’s books in homeMean 63 (SE 2)
Median 30
  • SE indicates standard error.Percentages are weighted to US children age 4 to 35 months.