Association Between Respondents Reporting That Pediatric Clinicians Asked About Family and Community Issues and Selected Covariates

% Reporting Clinician Asked About Topic
Parental HealthHousehold SmokersHousehold Drug Use or AlcoholEmotional Support From Spouse or OthersFinancial DifficultiesCommunity Violence
Maternal education
 <High school378663511717
 High school graduate408146481211
 >High school39693444*106
Maternal age
 ≤ 19 y488545462320
 20–34 y398048491210
 ≥ 35 y3764314078
Age of child
 4–9 mo568553611614
 10–18 mo39794648148
 19–35 mo337341411010
Marital status
 Never married438657541914
Household income
 ≤17 500408763531920
 17 501–35 00041824746148
 35 001–60 0003777374795
 >60 0003860283865
 Don’t know or refused407645501212
Region of the country
Regular child provider
Health insurance
 Private only3870324284
 Public only448759531919
Site of care
 Private or group practice40754046118
 Urgent care/hospital Clinic/emergency department388363462113
 Community health center398153511318
Type of provider
 Family practitioner5282435297
 No regular provider3876*49471211
  • * χ2 test significant at P < .05.

  • χ2 test significant at P < .01.

  • χ2 test significant at P < .001.