Multivariate Determinants of Clinician Assigned by Clinic or Health Plan

Provider Was Assigned to Child*Provider Was Assigned to Child or Originally Assigned to Other Family Member
ORP Value95% CIORP Value95% CI
Health care setting
 Private or group practice1.001.00
 CHC/public clinic1.79.070.953.392.
 Hospital clinic3.02<.011.366.713.57<.011.588.06
 Urgent care center1.04.950.293.782.76.170.6511.64
Health insurance
 Public and private1.02.970.432.390.95.900.432.10
Managed care
 Required to sign up with PCP0.59.140.301.190.82.520.441.52
 No PCP requirement1.001.00
 Need approval for specialty care1.98.080.924.
 No approval required1.001.00
Child race/ethnicity and parent acculturation
 Non-Hispanic white1.001.00
Maternal education
 Less than high school1.87.080.933.761.51.230.772.95
 High school or above1.001.00
Household income
 <$17 5001.65.200.763.611.19.640.572.47
 ≥$17 5001.001.00
  • Base is children with a specific clinician. Model also includes presence of special health care need and respondent parent. Referent categories are regular setting of care is private group practice; exclusively privately insured; no PCP sign-up requirement; not requiring a referral/approval to see a specialist; white child race/ethnicity; maternal education high school or above; household income >$17 500.

  • * Method of choosing child’s clinician is assignment by a clinic or health plan, rather than being recommended by friends/family, already using the provider for another family member, or selection from a list.

  • Method of choosing child’s clinician is assignment by a clinic or health plan, either for the child or originally for someone else in the family.