Having a Specific Clinician, by Child and Family Factors

Have Specific Clinician
Child characteristics
 Child age
  4–9 mo45201
  10–18 mo50321
  19–35 mo44408
 Child race/ethnicity and parent acculturation*
  Non-Hispanic white49361
  Hispanic, more acculturated46208
  Hispanic, less acculturated29125
 Presence of special health care need
  Not CSHCN45842
 Global health status
  Excellent or very good46765
  Good, fair, poor43165
Parent and household characteristics
 Maternal education
  Less than high school36156
  High school graduate47291
  More than high school49483
 Household income
  <$17 50040215
  $17 501–$35 00044237
  $35 001–$60 00051190
  >$60 00048190
 Region of country
  • CSHCN indicate child with special health care needs.

  • * Based on child race/ethnicity and the language of the interviewed parent.

  • P < .01 (χ2 test of independence).