Percent of Parents and Pediatricians Who Reported Health Topic Discussed by Child Age*

Parent Report (NSECH)Pediatrician Report (Periodic Survey 46)
 4–9 mo99.293.6
 10–18 mo98.192.7
 19–35 mo93.779.2
 4–9 mo91.893.0
 10–18 mo92.891.1
 19–35 mo72.882.6
Feeding habits
 4–9 mo (breastfeeding)91.170.1
 10–18 mo (weaning)52.672.7
Night waking and fussing
 4–9 mo74.452.8
 10–18 mo66.652.3
Sleep patterns/problems
 4–9 mo (sleeping position)89.282.4
 10–18 mo (sleeping with bottle)63.768.6
 19–35 mo (bedtime routine)46.553.9
 4–9 mo (how child communicates needs)78.841.9
 10–18 mo (words and phrases)68.980.3
 19–35 mo (words and phrases)72.075.5
Injury prevention
 4–9 mo (burn prevention)58.145.4
 19–35 mo (avoiding dangerous situations)53.572.3
Car seats
 4–9 mo86.277.4
 10–18 mo76.873.2
 19–35 mo63.369.8
 4–9 mo64.447.6
 10–18 mo62.855.1
 19–35 mo60.757.0
Child care
 4–9 mo53.546.4
 10–18 mo34.642.8
 19–35 mo25.640.6
Guidance and discipline
 10–18 mo43.263.7
 19–35 mo44.660.3
Toilet training
 10–18 mo17.247.4
 19–35 mo45.373.9
 19–35 mo (getting along with others)52.240.7
 19–35 mo (doing things himself/herself)64.943.7
  • * Proportions provided by parents and pediatricians cannot be compared directly: Parent data represent percent of parents who said that a topic was discussed in the past year. Pediatrician data represent those who reported that the topic was discussed at least once with at least 75% of parents of children in the respective age group. Parents of children 4 to 35 months were surveyed; pediatricians were asked about care for patients 0 to 35 months.