Content of Care Topics Reported by Parents and Pediatricians, by Child Age

Category4–9 Months (10 Items)10–18 Months (11 Items)19–35 Months (12 Items)
Growth and nutritionFood/feeding, breastfeedingFood/feeding, sleeping with a bottle, weaning from a bottleFood/feeding
Sleep patterns/problemsNight waking and fussing, sleeping positionsNight waking and fussingBedtime routines
Injury preventionUsing a car seat, burn preventionUsing a car seatUsing a car seat, dangerous situations
DevelopmentToilet trainingToilet training, washing/dressing self Gets along w/others
Language developmentValue of reading, how child communicatesValue of reading, vocabulary developmentValue of reading, vocabulary development
DisciplineGuidance on disciplineGuidance on discipline
Child careChild care arrangementsChild care arrangementsChild care arrangements