Association of TBI and Other Clinical Characteristics With History of LOC

VariableNo LOC n = 1114History of LOC n = 633Difference95% CI
Mean age7.1 y10.4 y3.3 y2.7, 3.7
Mean GCS14.813.90.90.7, 1.1
TBI identified on CT15/411 (3.7%)58/601 (9.7%)6.0%3.0, 9.0
TBI requiring acute intervention15/1114 (1.4%)65/633 (10.3%)8.9%6.5, 11.4
  • For those with an isolated history of LOC, 0 of 122 (0%; 95% CI: 0%, 2.4%) had TBI on CT, and 0 of 135 (0%; 95% CI: 0%, 2.2%) had TBI in need of acute intervention. See “Materials and Methods” for definitions of outcome variables, TBI identified on CT, and TBI requiring acute intervention. Note that percentages were calculated only for patients who had known presence or absence of a history of LOC.