Mean Variable and Fixed Costs Per Shot of Providing Vaccinations and Reimbursement for Vaccine Administration: Family Practices/CHCs, Pediatric Practices, and Public Health Departments/County Nursing Services in Colorado, Expressed in 2002 Dollars

Type of PracticePhysician/Midlevel TimeTime of Other PersonnelCost of SuppliesTotal Variable Cost Per ShotFixed Cost Per ShotTotal Cost Per ShotAverage ReimbursementDifference
Family practices/CHCs$0.62$5.03$0.15$5.79$1.79$7.57$6.68−$0.89
Health departments/nursing services05.220.195.41NA5.41*NA−5.41
  • NA indicates not applicable.

  • * Variable costs only.

  • CHC reimbursement was excluded because immunization-specific reimbursement was not available.

  • Health departments/nursing services rarely bill. Average reimbursement for immunizations is close to 0.