Variation in Expectations, Perceptions, Diagnosis, and Prescribing by Parent/Child Race/Ethnicity

CharacteristicParent Race/Ethnicity
WhiteLatinoAsianAfrican American
n = 146n = 290n = 43n = 64
Parents expecting antibiotics, %51*807467
Parents perceived as expecting antibiotics by physician, %29365349
Parents who were very worried about their child's condition, %17432341
Bacterial diagnosis rate (for children), %34373528
Antibiotic-prescribing rate (for children), %37434038
Antibiotic-prescribing rate for viral infections, %13161323
Antibiotic-prescribing rate for bacterial infections, %88939378
  • * Percent (number in racial ethnic group with characteristic out of total number in racial/ethnic group).

  • Racial/ethnic groups are significantly different from one another for these characteristics; P < .05.

  • Among those who received this type of diagnosis; some diagnoses were neither viral nor bacterial (eg, asthma or allergies).