Observations in Neonates Delivered of Mothers With Chorioamnionitis and in Whom a Blood Culture Was Positive

OrganismStaphylococcus aureusEscherichia coliGBSGBS
Intrapartum complicationsChorioamnionitisChorioamnionitis; moderate meconiumChorioamnionitis; nonreassuring fetal tracingChorioamnionitis
Duration of rupture of membranes, h1.516.51818
Apgar scores at 1/5 min5/94/98/95/9
Delivery room interventionBMVIntubatedNoneBMV
Birth weight, g3480403034002440
Symptoms related to sepsisIntermittent cyanosis with cryingNoneNoneNone
Spinal fluid cultureNegativeNegativeNegativeNegative
Neutrophil values
 CBC 1, h*
  ATN17 35310 51111 7746144
 CBC 2, h13.88.617.410.0
  ATN34 72021 21620 83917 885
 CBC 3, h24.824.025.930.5
  ATN968811 52314 24023 383
  • BMV indicates bag-mask ventilation.

  • * Postnatal age.

  • Abnormal neutrophil value (Manroe et al. (24))

  • Abnormal neutrophil value (Schelonka et al. (26))