Bivariate Comparison of Rheumatologists

Pediatric Only (n = 20; % or Mean [SD])Unadjusted P Pediatric vs All InternistsInternists Involved In Care of Children (n = 78; % or Mean [SD])Internists Only (n = 134; % or Mean [SD])Unadjusted P Value* Internists Who Treat Children vs Internists Only
Personal characteristics
 Age49.3 (7.6)NS50.7 (9.2)51.5 (11.3)NS
 Years in practice16.0 (8.7)NS17.2 (9.3)17.9 (11.1)NS
Training characteristics
 Exposure to pediatrics during fellowship
Practice characteristics
 Practice setting
  Private practice15.0<.00153.352.3.076
  Academic rheumatology50.014.722.0
  Multispecialty clinic15.020.07.6
 Percentage of time in professional activities
  Rheumatology care58.3 (30.6).0277.9 (25.4)68.9 (30.9).07
  Primary care5.6 (21.3).085.1 (12.7)9.2 (19.1)NS
  Research14.9 (20.3)<.0017.2 (18.6)9.2 (21.4)NS
  Teaching12.7 (20.1)<.0013.8 (6.6)3.7 (5.9)NS
  Other8.4 (8.3).065.9 (10.8)8.9 (16.5)NS
 Patients’ insurance status
  Medicaid37.5 (25.1)<.0018.2 (10.9)11.5 (16.1)NS
  Private insurance48.2 (22.5)NS49.8 (21.7)44.9 (24.6)NS
  Medicare7.3 (16.5)<.00134.0 (16.3)34.4 (18.4)NS
  Self-pay/uninsured5.2 (6.3)NS5.7 (8.7)5.7 (10.8)NS
  Other3.3 (11.5)NS4.9 (18.5)9.7 (27.0)NS
 Hours worked per week47.6 (19.8)NS48.6 (15.7)49.2 (16.4)NS
 Total patients seen per week34.5 (23.4)<.00176.6 (42.2)67.1 (44.0)NS
 Patients <18 seen per week27.5 (18.0)<.0013.1 (3.6)1.7 (5.2)<.001
 Able to see more patients35.0NS26.736.1NS
 Miles to nearest pediatric rheumatologistN/A30.2 (34.8)15.3 (18.0)<.001
  • SD indicates standard deviation; NS, not significant; HMO, health maintenance organization.

  • * For dichotomous variables, statistical tests were performed using χ2 when all cell sizes were >5. When ≥1 cells were <5, a 2-sided Fisher exact test was used. For continuous variables, 2-sided t tests were performed without assuming equal variances. For nonnormally distributed variables (Shapiro-Wilks test P < .05), Wilcoxon rank sum tests were used.