Intensity of Physician Referral to Diagnostic and Treatment Services in Response to the 3 Clinical Vignettes

Intensity of Physician Response*Clinical Vignette (% of Physicians Providing Referrals in Each Category)
Gross MotorSocial/BehavioralSpeech
AvoidantDisruptive18 Months27 Months
All 3 referral actions18.131.425.212.236.3
2 of 338.032.527.032.841.7
1 of 330.922.125.530.615.7
0 of 313.014.022.324.46.3
  • * For gross motor vignette, possible referral actions were physical therapy, early intervention, or referral to a medical specialist. For social/behavioral and speech vignettes, possible referral actions were audiology, early intervention, or a medical specialist/psychologist.