How OftenHow Well
1.Hold a bottle/cup    
2.Pick up and hold a small item while sitting in a chair    
3.Pick up and hold a large item while sitting in a chair    
4.Eat finger foods    
5.Pick up an object out of arm’s reach    
6.Push a button    
7.Open a door or cabinet    
8.Use arm to move across floor    
9.Take off shoes or socks    
10.Pull a toy with a string    
11.Turn a knob    
12.Pick up a cylindrical object (eg, crayon, marker, or drumstick)    
13.Throw a ball or similar object    
14.Hold a handle on a riding, pulling, or push toy    
15.Push up front of body with weaker arm while on stomach    
16.Hold an item while in standing position    
17.Carry an item from place to place    
18.Stop or roll a ball    
19.Pop bubbles    
20.Push into sitting position    
21.Reach to be picked up by parent    
22.Push arm through sleeve of clothing