Unadjusted and Adjusted Health Care Measures for CSHCN Versus Other Children

New YorkFloridaKansas
Prior insurance before SCHIP
Had USC before SCHIP
Used care before SCHIP
 Preventive care
Any Unmet need before SCHIP
  • Adjusted results from multivariate testing are shown on the second row for each variable.

    Multivariate models include variables from Table 3 (CSHCN status, age, race, gender, single household, household size, income, education, employment, and insurance type [for variables other than prior insurance]).

    P values represent main effects of CSHCN

  • * P ≤ .05

  • ** P ≤ .01

  • *** P ≤ .001).

  • For clarity of analysis, the three prior insurance categories were private/other (private employer-sponsored health insurance + private other + other, from Table 4), Medicaid, and none. P values represent Medicaid versus none or private versus none.