Quality of Care of CSHCN versus All Other Children

New YorkFloridaKansasIndiana
My provider:
 Listens carefully to me
  Usually or always77.9%76.8%82.2%87.9%85.9%91.8%95.8%
  Sometimes or never22.1%23.2%17.8%12.1%14.1%8.2%4.2%
 Explains things in an understandable way
  Usually or always88.8%80.4%85.9%88.4%91.5%93.0%94.4%
  Sometimes or never12.2%19.6%14.1%11.6%8.5%7.0%5.6%
 Respects what I have to say
  Usually or always92.8%85.0%82.9%87.5%92.4%91.4%94.4%
  Sometimes or never8.2%15.0%17.1%12.5%7.1%8.6%5.6%
 Spends enough time with me
  Usually or always74.5%76.4%74.1%79.1%NA88.9%
  Sometimes or never26.5%13.6%25.9%20.9%11.1%
Mean rating of provider (1–10, 10 being highest)
  • These questions were adapted from the Consumer Assessment of Health Plan Survey. Each question had four responses (usually, always, sometimes, and never); results are collapsed for ease of presentation. NA indicates not applicable.