Unmet Health Care Needs of CSHCN Versus All Other Children

New YorkFloridaKansasIndiana
Any unmet health care need43.6%31.1%61.9%44.8%***45.8%28.1%***NA
Specific unmet need
 Mental health41.7%25.4%31.4%22.2%7.1%0.73%**NA
 Acute care15.8%19.1%NANA16.1%8.4%*NA
 Preventive care15.6%14.2%7.7%4.3%NANANA
 Dental care28.6%26.3%31.9%21.9%**29.7%29.6%7.9%
 Prescription medications18.7%16.4%5.7%12.0%11.6%4.6%*1.5%
 Vision care16.3%21.4%NANANANANA
Reason for unmet needNA
 Practice-level barrier
  Couldn’t get appointment25.9%43.2%13.5%7.7%15.8%
  Couldn’t reach by phone16.6%31.9%NANA2.6%
  Not open when needed21.9%30.0%6.3%3.3%9.2%
 Financial barrier
  Too expensive78.6%69.3%77.5%72.0%27.6%
  Insurance didn’t cover82.6%65.8%*20.7%8.1%13.2%
 System barrier
  Couldn’t get referral22.2%29.2%NANANA
  Didn’t know where to go40.7%34.4%NANANA
  • The specific questions on unmet needs varied somewhat across states. In New York, a series of questions asked whether the child needed care, received care (yes/no), found it hard to get, delayed, or did not get care; in Florida, whether the child needed care, received care (yes/no), and reasons for not getting care; in Kansas, whether the child did not get or postponed getting care; and in Indiana, the items are in response to problems getting needed health care (yes/no). Relevant comparisons are between CSHCN and other children within each state. NA indicates not applicable.

    Significance testing is for CSHCN versus others within the same state (

  • * P ≤ .05

  • ** P ≤ .01

  • *** P ≤ .001).