Prior Insurance Experience of CSHCN Versus All Other Children

New YorkFloridaKansasIndiana
No. of months insured during Year before SCHIP
 All 12 months31.9%21.9%6.5%4.3%47.3%43.1%56.9%
 9–11 months4.1%4.4%9.9%6.9%9.4%6.1%4.2%
 6–8 months2.7%5.4%*9.0%8.9%13.3%8.1%9.7%
 3–5 months3.1%3.2%4.3%4.4%3.9%5.6%2.8%
 1–2 months0.8%1.9%*1.9%1.7%2.6%3.1%1.4%
 None (uninsured all year)56.4%62.9%68.3%73.7%*23.6%34.1%*25.0%
Type of last insurance
 Private employer-sponsored37.4%49.6%56.0%60.3%17.8%20.5%53.8%
 Private other4.8%1.4%*6.0%11.3%0.0%0.9%*3.1%
Reason for loss of prior Insurance
 Life change
  Separation, divorce, death7.1%4.7%7.5%7.3%9.6%5.6%8.3%
  Aged out of Medicaid,1.8%2.8%1.7%1.6%NA8.3%
  Lost Medicaid (income)30.4%19.1%5.0%4.7%10.4%8.2%8.3%
 Employment change
  Lost or changed job25.0%24.8%47.9%44.0%31.0%30.1%41.7%
  Employer stopped coverage4.6%10.5%11.3%7.8%3.0%2.2%NA
 Costs or benefits
  High cost of prior insurance15.2%22.6%18.3%26.9%**19.9%29.0%62.5%
  SCHIP cost less19.7%24.2%3.3%4.0%NA45.5%
  SCHIP has better benefits32.6%28.1%0.42%1.5%NA47.8%
  • NA indicates not applicable. Florida sampled adolescents only; the Kansas adolescent age range included 12–17.9 years.

    Significance testing is for CSHCN versus others within the same state (

  • * P ≤ .05

  • ** P ≤ .01).

  • For the subset of children who had any prior insurance before SCHIP.

  • More than one reason was accepted in New York, Kansas, and Indiana.