Study Sample and Methods by State

New YorkFloridaKansasIndiana
Program nameChild Health PlusHealthy KidsHealthWaveHoosier Healthwise
Program structure*CombinationCombinationSeparate SCHIPCombination§
Year implemented1991199219991999
Ever enrolled during 2001 872 949 298 705 34 241 56 986
Sampling frameEnrolled in SCHIP between 11/1/00 and 3/31/01; no SCHIP enrollment in prior 24 monthsEnrolled in SCHIP for <3 months with new enrollment occurring between 7/1/00 and 12/31/00Enrolled in SCHIP between 9/1/00 and 12/31/00; no SCHIP enrollment in prior 6 monthsCSHCN enrolled in SCHIP between 8/1/00 and 2/1/01; no SCHIP enrollment in prior 3 months
Sampling methodRandom; one unique child per familyRandom; one unique child per familyRandom; one unique child per familyConvenience**; one unique child per family
StratificationAge; race/ethnicity; geographic regionNoneAge; urbanicityNone
Results weightedYesYesYesNo
Analytic software usedSTATA, Version 7.0SUDAAN, Version 8.0.1SUDAAN, Version 8.0.1SAS, Version 8.0.2
Age range (years)0–17.911.5–17.90–17.90–17.9
Surveys completed between:3/15/01 and 9/18/01††1/8/01 and 8/1/0110/9/00 and 4/29/019/12/00 and 4/15/01
No. of cases2,6201,82477676
  • This table reflects program characteristics in 2001. Characteristics may have changed since then.

  • * With the exception of Indiana, where the Medicaid expansion portion of SCHIP represents a significant proportion of SCHIP enrollees, the data in this article include only new enrollees of separate, free-standing SCHIP programs (ie, Medicaid expansion SCHIP enrollees were not included).

  • New York’s Medicaid expansion covered children 15–18 years to 100% federal poverty level (FPL) who were not otherwise eligible for Medicaid.

  • Florida’s Medicaid expansion covered children <1 and 17–18 years to 100% of FPL who were not otherwise eligible for Medicaid.

  • § Indiana’s Medicaid expansion covered all children up to 150% of FPL who were not otherwise eligible for Medicaid.

  • Florida and New York had state-specific SCHIP precursor programs that became their respective SCHIP programs after the passage of Title XXI.

  • Entries on this row represent the total number of enrollments during federal fiscal year 2001.

  • ** All families enrolling in Indiana SCHIP were provided a 1-page letter inviting participation in the study; those who gave permission for the study were contacted by the Indiana study team. Although <2% of the forms received by the study team indicated refusal to participate, on some busy days in certain locations the permission forms were not distributed; thus the sample is technically a convenience sample.

  • †† Less than 20 interviews were completed after 9/11/01; all others were completed prior to that date.