Sociodemographic and Health Characteristics of Study Respondents

Relationship with child
Educational status
 <High school1058.2
 High school diploma or GED23518.4
 >High school41232.2
 College degree or more52641.2
Marital status
Employment status
 Respondent employed82165.2
 Respondent unemployed43834.8
 Spouse employed98295.0
 Spouse unemployed525.0
Any public assistance40631.8
Any child care104884.7
Physical health status
 Very good47537.9
BAI Score
 Clinical level cut point (BAI score ≥16)625.04.55.6
CES-D score
 High score (CES-D score ≥16)20216.38.87.8
High Life Events score12910.34.03.1
High Family Conflict score12510.12.21.8
Tangible support12710.2
Worry about language755.91.50.9
Worry about behavior755.91.61.0