Bivariate and Multivariate Results for Screening and Counseling of Parental Smokers Who Saw a Family Practitioner or Pediatrician

MeasureTotal Sample (N = 190)*%Families VisitingP ValueAdjusted Odds Ratio for Families Visiting Pediatricians, Family Practitioners as Reference Group (95% CI)
Family Practitioner (N = 86)%Pediatrician (N = 104)%
Asked if anyone in the household smokes48.944.652.5NS1.41 (0.73–2.72)
Asked if smoking is allowed in the house42.033.349.0.0362.00 (1.04–3.87)
Asked if smoking is allowed in the car21.713.927.7.0292.48 (1.09–5.64)
Counseled on dangers of child ETS exposure37.632.941.2NS1.58 (0.80–3.10)
Counseled on risks of modeling smoking behavior30.028.231.4NS1.22 (0.60–2.45)
Advised to quit smoking40.044.936.3NS0.71 (0.37–1.38)
  • CI indicates confidence interval; NS, not significant.

  • * Number of responses to each specific question ranged from N = 180 (95%) to N = 184 (97%).

  • Adjusted odds ratio controls for geographic region, parent age, education, race/ethnicity, gender, and rural/urban residence.