Characteristics of Enrolled Parental Smokers at Baseline

CharacteristicN = 100 (%)
Female82 (77 mothers)
Male18 (15 fathers)
Age, y (mean ± 1 SD)33 ± 8
 Less than high school14
 High school graduate49
 Some college24
 College graduate13
Race and ethnicity
Smoking history
 Years smoked (mean ± 1 SD)14 ± 9
 Daily cigarette consumption (mean ± 1 SD)10 ± 6
 First cigarette within 30 min of awakening57
 Quit attempt in past year (24 h)66
Prior ever use of tobacco-dependence medication31
 Buproprion (Zyban)10
Prior ever use of smoking-cessation program (any)19
 Telephone counseling3
Previous tobacco counseling by provider
 Parent’s PCP (ever)59
 Child’s PCP (ever)20
Stage of change*
  • * Stages of change for current smokers include “precontemplation” (those not ready to quit in the next 6 months), “contemplation” (those thinking about quitting in the next 6 months), and “preparation” (those seriously planning to quit in the next 30 days).