Predictors of Current Use of Reminder or Recall Messages by Pediatricians’ Practices*

PredictorN in this Subgroup% in This Subgroup Currently Using Reminder or Recall MessagesBivariate AnalysisMultivariate Analysis
P*OR95% CI
Current use of immunization assessments.001
Practice has key person who leads efforts to improve immunization delivery.0061*
Type of practice.0002NS
 Solo or 2-physician practice13921
 Single-specialty group19110
 Multispecialty group7114
% Medicaid patients.03NS
  • NS indicates not significant.

  • * Other variables that were evaluated and found not to be significant in bivariate analyses were having an immunization summary page as part of the medical record; having a computerized medical record, appointment, or billing system; participating in a local or regional immunization registry; beliving that the practice’s patients are at high risk for missing an immunization or acquiring a vaccine-preventable disease; believing that the practice’s current immunization delivery system does not need improvement; receiving immunization reports or lists from an outside source such as a health plan or a state agency; estimated immunization coverage rate among 2-year-olds; number of clinicians at the practice site; and practice setting.

  • P value is from Fisher exact test.

  • The “other” group includes staff or group model health maintenance organizations, hospital-based practices, and community health centers.