Characteristics of Respondents in the Two Study Groups

CharacteristicPediatricians (n = 434)Public Health Clinics (n = 440)
Type of practice
 Solo or 2-physician practice13932
 Single specialty group19144
 Multispecialty group7117
No. of advanced practice clinicians at site
No. of nurses at site
% of patients insured by Medicaid
  • NA indicates not applicable.

  • * In the pediatrician subgroup, the “other” category included 13 respondents from staff or group-model health maintenance organizations, 3 from hospital-based practices, 6 from community health centers, 3 from public health clinics, and 4 from other types of practices. In the public health clinic subgroup, 92% of respondents were public health clinics, 1% were hospital-based practices, 4% were community health centers, and 3% were other types of practices.

  • Clinicians included physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

  • Did not collect this information for private sector.