General Pediatrics Positions by Survey Year

Survey Year
Future clinical goal (%)*
 General pediatric practice667168666362
 Both primary and subspecialty practice191214876
 Subspecialty practice131516212627
 Not entering clinical practice231535
Residents already accepting a general pediatric position when surveyed (%)*605652484543
Expected number of patients to be seen per day (mean)3032313031
Expected number of hours to work in the practice excluding hospital rounding and on-call hours (mean)3838373839
Residents accepting a position in the same state where their residency program was located (%)6167596659
Residents accepting a position in a rural area (population <2500) (%)*85411
  • * P < .05 (represents linear trend across survey years).

  • Results for this variable are based only on the responses from residents who have accepted a general pediatrics position.