Characteristics of the Study Sample (n = 3061)

Predisposing characteristics
  Mean (SD)11.05 (3.5)3061
  Non-Hispanic white71.72183
  Non-Hispanic black15.9501
 Parental education
  Less than high school13.5434
  High school35.21071
  Some college26.5802
  College graduate24.8705
 Family size
 Family structure
  Single parent29.8940
  Two parent67.02008
Enabling characteristics
 Poverty status
  At or below23.8711
 Type of health insurance
  Private only59.01778
  Public only24.3766
  Public and private4.4128
Need characteristics
 Self-reported health status
  Very good/good56.71716
 Activity limitations
  Limited in major or other42.61309
  Unable toperform major3.8118
  • SD indicates standard deviation.

  • * Percentages are for weighted data (total weighted n = 7 772 284); missing data are excluded from percentage calculations (ie, percentages are among those responding).

  • The majority (86.4%) of children with public coverage only were covered by Medicaid; 20.7% of the total sample were covered by Medicaid and no other public or private insurance.