Major Sources of Conflict by Type of Conflict

Team-Family (N = 33)N%Intrateam (N = 21)N%Intrafamily (N = 1)N%
Poor communication1648Poor communication838Care plan disagreement1100
 Language-related618Care plan disagreements733
 Other618Life-sustaining treatment issues15
 Family problems comprehending prognosis412Other629
Unavailability of parents1339Lack of coordination419
Care plan disagreements1339Unavailability314
 Life-sustaining treatment issues618Lack of leadership314
Coping problems (eg, anxiety, anger)721
Miscellaneous sources
 Dysfunctional family412
 Decision making39
 Young parents26
 Logistics (eg, delay in transfer)26
  • * Totals for source categories do not sum to totals for team-family and intrateam conflicts because the sources are not mutually exclusive. Percentages of the source subcategories may not sum to percentage total for the source category because of rounding.