Description of Utilization Variables

Type of UtilizationDescription
Medical Services
 Physician contactAny visit or telephone contact with a physician, excluding physician visits during an inpatient stay
 HospitalizationAdmission for at least an overnight stay in a short-term hospital
 Emergency room visitAny visit to a hospital emergency room
 Mental health/substance abuse outpatient visitAny outpatient visit for mental health or substance abuse services (excluding smoking cessation) provided by a mental health professional, general practitioner, or other health professional
Health-related services/items
 Therapeutic servicesAny use of: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology services, respiratory therapy, recreational therapy
 Social work servicesAny visit to a social work or receipt of social work services
 Medical care coordinationPhysician or nonphysician (including nonphysician health professionals, parents, and family members) “keeps in touch with the child’s different doctors or therapists, knows the results of all tests and treatments, and knows about the different prescription medications”
 Nonmedical care coordinationPhysician, someone in the physician’s office, or someone outside of the physician’s office (including nonphysician health professionals, parents, and family members) “helps arrange the child’s nonmedical care, such as social services and personal care services”
 Assistive devicesAny use of the following: tracheotomy tube, respirator, ostomy bag, catheterization equipment, glucose monitor, diabetic equipment, inhaler, nebulizer, hearing aid, feeding tube, wheelchair, scooter, crutches, cane, or walker
 TransportationAny use of transportation services
 Housing modificationsAny use of the following to accommodate the child’s physical impairments or health problems: widened doorways/hallways; ramps or street level entrance; railings; automatic or easy to open doors; accessible parking or drop-off site; bathroom modifications; kitchen modifications; elevator, chairlift, or slide glide; alerting devices; or other modifications, not specified