Selected Publications With Reported Annual Incidence or Hospitalization Rate for KS Among Children <5 Years of Age in the United States

PublicationLocationPeriodIncidence*Hospitalization RateData Source
Present studyUnited States2000-17.1KID
Chang26California1995–199915.3-Statewide hospital discharge records from acute-care hospitals
Gibbons et al22Georgia1997–199814.015.7Chart review of cases identified from statewide hospital discharge data
Bronstein et al13San Diego County, California1994–19988.0–15.4 (range)-Chart review of cases identified from hospital discharge data
Holman et al37United States1997-17.3Nationwide Inpatient Sample
Holman et al20Hawaii1994–1997-47.7Statewide hospital discharge records
Connecticut1993–1996-18.8Statewide hospital discharge records
Belay et al21Four HMOs in West Coast states1993–199619.1, 15.8, 12.2, 9.0-Vaccine Safety Datalink project cases for 4 HMOs
Holman et al19Indian Health Service areas1980–19954.34.8American Indian/Alaska Native cases identified from the Indian Health Service Inpatient data
Taubert et al533 states and the District of Columbia1984–1993-8.9Survey of number of patient discharges from children’s hospitals
Davis et al12§Seattle-Tacoma area, Washington (3-county area)1987-June 198915.2-Cases identified by using the Computerized Hospital Abstract Reporting System, passive KS surveillance, major hospital-based and private pediatric cardiology clinics, and the regional military hospital
  • HMO indicates health maintenance organization.

    Physician-diagnosed KS was used to select records for hospital discharge and outpatient studies.

  • * Annual number of children with KS per 100 000 children <5 years of age. Incidence determined from hospital discharge data does not include multiple hospitalizations for patients.13,19,22,26

  • Annual number of KS hospitalizations reported per 100 000 children <5 years of age.

  • American Heart Association clinical criteria for KS was used to select cases by Bronstein et al.13

  • § CDC case criteria for KS were used to select typical KS patients by Davis et al.12