Clinical Features and Bacterial Culture Results of 7 Family Members with Symptomatic Group A Streptococcus Infection

PatientAge (Years)SexClinical ManifestationsTime of Symptom Onset (Days)Culture Growing S pyogenes
146FPneumonia, empyemaT + 1Pleural fluid
29FPneumonia, sepsis, pleural effusion, pharyngitisT = 0Blood, pharynx
312MPneumonia, empyema, pharyngitisT + 3Pleural fluid, pharynx
410MPneumonia, pharyngitisT + 7Pharynx
57MPneumonia, pharyngitisT + 6Pharynx
614FPharyngitis, cough, feverT + 6Pharynx
73MPharyngitisT + 6Pharynx