Logistic Regression Models Results

VariableORSE95% CIP
Model 1. Outcome: Appropriateness of Admission
 Log-likelihood = −383.56, χ2 = 23.08, P = .0016
 Hour of arrival1.830.41.19–2.81.006
 Day of the week of admission0.710.140.49–1.04.081
 Type of admission1.450.330.92–2.28.106
 Patient’s distance home-hospital, km1.10.120.89–1.36.391
Model 2. Outcome: Appropriateness of Days of Care
 Log-likelihood = −376.15, χ2 = 125.39, P < .001
 Length of stay1.160.041.09–1.23<.001
 Location within the stay0.520.10.37–0.74<.001
 Appropriateness of admission2.000.41.35–2.96.001
 Type of admission0.540.130.33–0.86.01
  • SE indicates standard error.