Interview Questions for Potential Benchmark Sites

1. Your NICU has been identified as a potential benchmark site for the provision of family-centered care. Do you believe that your unit is, in fact, a benchmark site in this area? If so, why?
2. What strategies does your unit use to incorporate parents into the decision making and care planning for their infant?
3. When and how do you facilitate a parent’s participation in the hands-on care of their baby in the NICU?
4. What components in your NICU environment and/or design support the families’ and staff’s ability to embrace family-centered care?
5. What practice characteristics do your clinical team members (MD, NNP, RN, RT, etc) have that allow for this level of support for families in the NICU?
6. Does your hospital have a parent feedback mechanism in the formal NICU committee structure? How does it facilitate feedback?
7. Do you have mechanisms in place that effectively position the NICU hospitalization in the context of a child’s life? For example, do you provide pre- and posthospital care, and how do you accomplish this?
8. How do you recognize and build on the unique strengths and characteristics of a specific family both during the hospitalization and in the discharge planning process?